Mobile Web Ghana Launches Online Work Africa Summit

In an exciting move to tackle youth unemployment across Africa, Mobile Web Ghana and its partners launched the Online Work Africa Summit on May 23rd, 2024. The summit, eagerly awaited by many, aims to empower the youth in Africa through endless online work opportunities.The event was graced by media representatives, industry leaders, and professionals, including notable figures from the US Embassy in Ghana, the Regional Director for Ghana Education Service, and the Director of Finance and Administration at Ghana Dot Com, among others, who gathered to witness the launch of this significant initiative.The summit was launched to mark the start of a journey that aims to provide the youth with the skills and platforms they need to be economically empowered in today’s digital age.

The event began with a welcome address by Florence Toffa, the Director of Mobile Web Ghana. During her address, she emphasized the organization's strong commitment to equipping young people with essential digital skills. “In today's digital economy, our youth need more than just traditional job opportunities. They need to be prepared for the future, and that future is online,” she stated. The special guest of the event, Liza Steger, the Regional Public Engagement Specialist at the US Embassy in Ghana, addressed the importance of online work and its alignment with the American Space's mission of skill-building and creating sustainable opportunities for young people. She emphasized that the initiative is both timely and crucial, as it empowers youth with digital skills, paving the way for a more prosperous and innovative Africa. Her remarks received enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Florence Toffa also provided a detailed overview of the Online Work Africa Summit. She explained its goals and addressed the urgent need for organizations to partner this initiative to address youth unemployment through online work opportunities. With 912 participants already registered, the virtual summit, scheduled for July 23rd to 24th, 2024, promises engaging sessions led by experienced experts, practical workshops covering different online work areas, and valuable networking opportunities. Participants will explore various work options, connect with industry professionals and mentors, and learn about freelancing, e-commerce, online tutoring, remote jobs, content creation, and more.

To bring the initiative's vision to life, the audience heard inspiring stories from individuals who have found economic empowerment through online work. The event wasn't just about speeches and presentations. A lively Q&A session followed, where participants' concerns about online job payments and withdrawal processes were addressed. This interactive segment highlighted the practical challenges faced by online workers and showed the summit's commitment to providing full support to its participants.

The Online Work Africa Summit is more than an event; it is an initiative that is going to create a sustainable future for the youth in Africa. Mobile Web Ghana and its partners are focused on opening new doors of opportunity, and drive economic growth for the youth through this summit.

For more information about the Online Work Africa Summit, visit For media inquiries, contact or call +233303944393. To register, partner, or become a trainer, follow the links on the website.